• Basic Strategies for Caribbean Draw Poker

    Added - April 14, 2014 Casino

    In Caribbean Draw Poker, you have to deal with more difficult strategic decisions than any other type of Caribbean-style poker. The thing that complicated this game so much is the drawing round and the fact that you're having to balance your chances of hitting a big payout on the paytable and your chances of actually winning the hand. This can create some difficult decisions where you aren't sure to fold or raise, but it can also create difficult decisions for how to play your discards. To help get you started off on the right foot, we want to introduce you to the basic strategies for this type of casino poker.

    Let's start with the premise that the dealer needs to qualify with a pair of eights or better for the strength of your hand to come into play in your payouts. What this means is that you're never going to be able to beat the dealer if you have less than a pair of eights, so you start off with a cutoff in terms of the types of made hands you should play with. In terms of made hands, if you don't have at least ...

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  • Profitable Bluffing Made Simple in Two Easy Steps

    Added - April 7, 2014 Poker

    Bluffing is the aspect of poker that really changes things up and adds in a significant element of skill that allows better players to consistently beat worse players over time. The essential idea is that you're able to win a pot without having the best hand, and that's what allows you to win more than your fair share of pots over the long run. Even though bluffing is such an extremely important part of poker, it's one of the parts of the game that we don't intuitively understand on a high level because of the way the math of the situation works out. We want to help you out with this by giving you a simple way to evaluate the profitability of bluffs in just two easy steps.

    There are two pieces of information that you need to know to evaluate whether or not a bluff is going to be profitable. The first piece of information is how often your opponent is going to fold. This is something that you'll have to estimate based on all of the information that you have about your opponent and the situation that you're in. A rough estimate ...

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  • Identifying the Geometric Motifs in Skill Games Online

    Added - March 31, 2014 Skill

    Proprietary skill games that allow you to place cash wagers are set up in a way that they tend to follow certain patterns. Even though the games themselves might be unique in the absolute sense, they will still hold concepts and strategic motifs that are present in plenty of other games. By studying one type of motif in one game, you can gain a larger understanding of how the motif works in other games. One such element is the geometric motif, and since most skill games that allow wagering online are based on different geometic fields, it's important to be able to cultivate an understanding of the process of identifying those geometic patterns.

    In games involving attack and defense of multiple pieces, there are three geometic motifs that show up over and over again to the point of actually having names. The first of these two motifs is the fork, and that is the general idea of attacking two different things at once in a way that only one of them can be properly defended. This comes up in plenty of different types of games, but strategy-based games that have attack and defense elements tend to be where they ...

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  • Stealing the Blinds and the 3-Betting Game in No-Limit Hold'em Poker

    Added - March 24, 2014 Poker

    In poker, you're often going to be facing scenarios where it folds to you in late position where you have the option to raise in an effort to try to take down the blinds for a quick and easy profit. The players in the blinds, in return, can check you sometimes by 3-betting (re-raising) as a bluff. No matter which side of this situation you're on, there are some general principles that you can follow to improve your odds of getting the best of your opponents. In the worst case, you'll make yourself difficult to play against, and stronger players won't mix it up with you if they don't have to.

    The first thing is to realize that you can't steal the blinds too often or your opponents in the blinds are going to be able to pick you off left and right with 3-bets. If they show over time that they rarely defend, then you can steal more. However, if they ever figure out that they can start 3-betting and getting you to fold, then you're going to be in some trouble. Generally speaking, you should be raising somewhere in the range ...

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  • A Strategic Approach to Let It Ride Casino Poker

    Added - March 17, 2014 Casino

    Casino poker games offer an interesting blend of skill and luck, and in that sense, they're a lot like other titles like blackjack and video poker. To this end, you'll want to maximize the skill end of things to boost your chances that the luck end of things will swing in your favor. Let It Ride is a game that gives you a ton of control over the bet sizes used as the hand progresses, and it has some very heavy strategic play that can really make or break your chances of winning in your session.

    A hand of Let It Ride starts with placing three bets that are all the same exact size. The gameplay revolves around having the option to pull back up to two of your bets during the course of the hand. After the first three cards are dealt, you get a chance to pull back a bet. Then after the fourth is dealt, you get another chance to pull back a bet. After the fifth card is dealt, your final hand is paid according to a paytable that's similar to those that are used in video poker, but they are paid as ...

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  • Working the Gap to Find Advantages in Sports Betting

    Added - March 10, 2014 Sports

    There's a concept in sports betting called the gap, and that's the area where the odds maker believes that the true chances of each team winning and losing lie. For example, a sportsbook might be thinking that a game between Chicago and New York will have about a 55 percent chance of Chicago winning. To give themselves some wiggle room, they will create money lines so that you can bet on Chicago winning more than 58 or less than 52 percent of the time (ie: a bet on New York).

    For each possible bet that you could make, you need to find the gap as the first step in your analysis. For example, suppose there's a line that has St. Louis at +140 and Denver at -120. The gap for this bet would be that St. Louis wins between 54.5 percent and 58.3 percent of the time. You are allowed to bet that St. Louis will win less than 54.5 percent of the time (by betting on Denver) and that they will win more than 58.3 percent of the time (by betting on St. Louis), but you aren't allowed to bet in ...

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  • Building a Canon of Strategy and Tactics for Proprietary Skill Games

    Added - March 3, 2014 Skill

    If you're a big fan of betting on skill-based online games, then you're probably a very competitive person. You want to win, and you're willing to put in the time, effort and energy to improve at your game of choice in order to do so. There's a saying that you should work smart instead of working hard, and while working hard isn't necessarily a bad thing, there's a lot of truth in that statement. Here we want to show you a way to work smarter when it comes to improving at the games that you play online for cash.

    The first thing to consider is tactics. You'll want to organize a list of quick tricks that you figure out in your game along with screen shots or rough drawings of examples. When you recognize a tactical trap, you'll want to study it and figure out different variations of the same theme. This will make the pattern-recognition part of your thinking process kick into play, and you'll get much better at discovering these tricks while you're in the process of playing. Not only will you be able to take advantage of ...

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