• The Foundation for Solid Blackjack Play

    Added - July 28, 2014 Casino

    If you want to become a good blackjack player, then you have to realize two things. First, there are tons of different types of blackjack games out there, and the exact strategies you need to use will range from game to game. Second, there are general principles that you need to learn as a foundation for your play that will guide you in most of the common situations the vast majority of the time. When you have this foundation, you can adjust to specific rule sets as you need without having to worry about making big mistakes, and that's why it's so important.

    The main fundamentals have to do with breaking up each type of hand into two categories. You can either be facing a weak dealer card which ranges from two to six, or you can be facing a strong dealer card of anywhere from seven to ace. How you play against each group can be different. For example, if you're playing hard hands, you'll want to always hit with a total of 8 or lower. With a total of nine, however, you'll hit against strong cards and double against weak ones. When you ...

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  • Figuring Wins and Losses in Binary Betting

    Added - July 22, 2014 Financial

    Binary betting is one of the easiest places to start if you're betting financial markets because they offer a very static level of wins and losses. What happens is that you're given a set stipulation that can either happen or not. For example, you could be betting that one particular market or stock will close higher than it opened for a day or for two days or whatever period of time. The price of the binary bet will be put in the form of two numbers with the format SELL-BUY. For example, it might be 37-42 where 37 is the sell price and 42 is the buy price. You can use these numbers to determine what your wins and losses will be with binary betting.

    To begin with, you'll choose a price per point. Your wins and losses will be in terms of points, and you'll either win or lose your chosen price per point. So suppose you have a bet that says "market X will close higher for the day" with a price of 36-41. If you decide to bet that this is going to be true, then you are buying, and that means that ...

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  • How to Use Spreadsheets to Make Better Sports Bets

    Added - July 14, 2014 Sports

    In our previous sports betting articles here at GameShout, we have established the idea of the gap and why you're looking to see which bets on which games can be profitable based on that gap. There's a ton of information to take in, and the calculations involved can be a little tricky to do over and over again without making a mistake here or there. That's why we want to introduce you to a way that you can use spreadsheets to do better at your sports bets by making things more efficient.

    The first thing you'll want to do if you bet money lines is to set up a spreadsheet that includes columns for the first team, the second team and the line on each team. Then you'll want to have it automatically calculate how often each team needs to win based on the money lines for a bet to be profitable. You can do this by using the basic formulas for finding the gap that we have talked about before, or you can use your own method as long as you come up with the same numbers. The whole idea is for you to ...

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  • The Importance of Speed and Accuracy in Online Bingo

    Added - July 7, 2014 Bingo

    Much like online slots, people tend to think of bingo as being a game that's 100 percent about luck and that has no skill or strategy involved whatsoever. This is not the truth of the matter, and having speed and accuracy can definitely help you as a bingo player both in making your games easier and in increasing your chances of avoiding costing yourself a win with a mistake. Avoiding these mistakes is the name of the game, and that's exactly what we want to show you how to do right here.

    The main mistake that people make in bingo is missing numbers that are announced. In some games, this isn't such a big deal because there are so many different ways to win. However, in other games, this can be the difference between pulling down a big payout and in winning nothing at all. Accuracy is one part of this equation, and it's about knowing where to look on your cards and avoiding overloading yourself with more cards than you can handle. On the other hand, speed is also important, and you have to be able to quickly get through your cards when checking for ...

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  • Complicated Roulette Bets Made Quick and Easy

    Added - June 30, 2014 Casino

    If you want to become well-rounded as a casino game player, then you have to learn how to make many different types of bets on many different types of games. Roulette is one of those games that everyone seems to know a very small amount about, but the complicated bets are often something that very few people know about. If you want to learn how to play these bets while also knowing the odds at the same time without having to memorize a bunch of charts, then we have exactly what you need to get to that level.

    Most complicated roulette bets have a geometrical motif. Corner bets, for example, are placed with chips on the middle corner between four individual numbers. A split bet is placed on the line between two adjacent numbers. A row bet is placed on the outside edge and is a wager on the three numbers on a column. You can make a six-bet the same way with your chips on the outside corner. With all of these wagers, you're placing a single bet with a stack of chips on a few different spots. It's easy to see which numbers give you the ...

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  • The Most Basic Concepts That Drive Financial Market Betting

    Added - June 23, 2014 Financial

    If you're wanting to get involved with financial market betting, then there are some basic fundamental concepts that you're going to have to understand first before you will have any chance of gaining an advantage over the long run. These concepts are the pillars of solid strategy and risk management, and they are the key ideas that everything else will be built on when it comes to learning how to increase your chances of coming out on top when betting on different types of financial markets. Follow these instructions to learn these concepts, and you'll be one massive step closer to becoming a long-term winner.

    The first idea is bankroll management. This is the key concept for anyone to learn in this type of betting because financial market betting is not about picking winners every time. Instead, it's about picking bets that will win more than their share even though you're still going to lose a non-trivial portion of the time. You need solid bankroll management to absorb these losses and the streaks that can come with them so that you have enough of a cushion to realize your advantage over the long run.

    Next ...

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  • A Down and Dirty Introduction to the Game of Craps

    Added - June 16, 2014 Casino

    Getting straight to the point, craps is a game that can be hard to learn if you're trying to take in too much at one time. There are a lot of different bets that you can make in this game, but they're all based on the same gameplay. If you understand the gameplay, then you can get in on the action with any of the bets that you want, but first you have to know what the odds are for the bets that you're working with.

    The shooter is the person rolling the dice, and the first roll of that player's turn is called the come out roll. The pass line bet is a bet that wins when the shooter wins and loses when the shooter loses, and this is the bet to focus on if you want to learn the mechanics of craps. On the come out roll, if a player rolls anything other than a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, then the pass line bet is resolved right away. However, if one of these six numbers happens to be rolled, then another phase of the game starts. During the phase, the shooter ...

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