• The Mathematics That Drive Digital Options

    Added - Sept. 15, 2014 Financial

    There are a ton of different choices in financial betting that can be considered "options." However, digital options are somewhat unique in that they are very simple versions of these ways of betting. While they aren't particularly popular in and of themselves, they do offer a lot of lessons that can be applied to other types of options and other types of financial betting in general. If you know the mathematics that drives digital options, then you can quickly apply it to other types of wagers, and that's exactly what we want to teach you to do here.

    With a digital option, you're going to be betting on whether something is above a top value or below the bottom value of a range. For example, suppose you have something you're betting on the value of. You might be able to bet on whether it shows up above $100 or below $95. It doesn't matter how far above or below these lines it would go: Winning on $150 would be the same as winning on $101 as far as payouts are involved. This isn't the case with many other types of financial bets, but that ...

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  • Offensive and Defensive Strategies for Betting on American Football

    Added - Sept. 8, 2014 Sports

    One of the most popular games to analyze for betting is American football. Everything basically boils down to trying to figure out how many points each side is expected to score and what their variance is going to be like on that average number of points. The idea here is that you compare a team's offense to the defense it's going to be facing to try to come up with a model that will give you an expected number of average points for them to score. From there, you can figure out what you believe the average point spread will be and who will win a given percentage of the time.

    If you start with the offense, then what you can do is look at the defense of the teams that they have played against to start to get a basic idea of where they stand. You can look at things like turnovers, points scored, average yard gains and things of that nature. It's a pretty solid starting point, but you'll have a hard time getting a lot of information without it being a few games into the season. For this reason, you can cascade out ...

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  • The Social Factor of Playing Bingo Online

    Added - Sept. 1, 2014 Bingo

    Bingo has been growing on the Internet for quite a while, and it's to the point that we don't know if it will ever seem like it's going to slow down. Bingo has a number of advantages over other types of betting when it comes to the social side of things, and that's something that online casinos and poker rooms have been trying to manage for a while because there are a lot of lessons to be learned. We're going to look at the social side of online bingo, how it has affected the rest of the industry, and why it's hurting the ability for online bingo to spread to the mobile sector.

    What makes bingo so much different from other forms of online gambling is that there is a huge community aspect to it. You meet players and develop friendships that can carry on for years, and this is something that's missing in online casino play. Online poker has this to a degree, but it's limited by the fact that you're always trying to take each other's money when you play together. With bingo, you're just trying to ...

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  • An Introduction to Deuces Wild Video Poker Play

    Added - Aug. 25, 2014 Casino

    Deuces Wild is generally considered to be the one of the most difficult video poker game to learn to play correctly. What we want to do here is give you an introduction to the game to get you started off on the right foot. This game is so hard to play because there are so many wild cards (7.7 percent of the cards are wild), so you have to learn to play a whole lot of different types of scenarios. What makes that even more difficult is that it's very easy to go wrong because so many situations are anti-intuitive if you're familiar with other types of video poker.

    Let's start with hands where you have no wild cards. Everything here is about pairs and draws, and realize that all pairs are lumped together and of equal value because there is no payout for a single pair. Any made hand three of a kind or better is worth more than four cards to a straight flush which is better than three to a royal. However, three to a royal is stronger than a pair. A pair is then in turn better than a flush or straight ...

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  • Advanced Shortcuts for All-in Semi-Bluffing in No-Limit Hold'em

    Added - Aug. 18, 2014 Poker

    Being able to do calculations in your head is something that a lot of people think is out of their grasp when it comes to poker. However, we're going to show you how to do a very complicated calculation in just a couple of steps with an important shortcut. The general idea is that you want to be able to decide how often your opponent has to fold to make an all-in semi-bluff against a single opponent profitable. Being able to make this play is extremely important in a lot of no-limit hold'em situations, and we're going to show you how to do it.

    There's one other shortcut you need to know first, and that's how to find out how often someone has to fold on a regular bluff. You'll be making a bet into a certain pot size. Divide the size of your bet by what the pot will be after you make your bet to get how often the opponent has to fold. For example, if you're betting $8 and the pot is $12, then the pot will be $20 after you bet, so you'll need your opponent to fold ...

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  • How to Make a Line Analysis Spreadsheet

    Added - Aug. 11, 2014 Sports

    For people who bet sports on money lines, one of the problems that comes up a lot is figuring out exactly what the lines mean. Fortunately, there are simple tools that you can use to do this analysis for you so that you have a clear picture of exactly what a money line is telling you. We are going to show you how to put in formulas on a spreadsheet that will calculate certain numbers for you that are particularly useful when it comes to deciding which games or matches to bet on and which teams to take when betting on sports.

    You're going to need a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel (paid option) or OpenOffice Calc (free option) to do this. Start off by putting together five columns. On the first row, you'll want to put labels for those five columns: description of the game, underdog line, favorite line, underdog win percentage and favorite win percentage. In the first column which should be marked 'A' you are going to type in the name of the game. For example, if Detroit is playing Chicago in the NBA, you would put that into that column.

    One team will be the ...

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  • The Three Stages of 90-Ball Bingo

    Added - Aug. 4, 2014 Bingo

    In several parts of the world, 90-ball bingo is the most popular type of bingo around. It's gained a lot of popularity on the Internet, and one of the reasons why is that it's so atypical when compared to other games. The 90-ball bingo card is made up of a grid with three rows and nine columns. In each row, there are five columns that are chosen at random to have a number, so each row will have four spots that are blank. Each column, on the other hand, can have ten different numbers. The first column is 1-10, the second column is 11-20 and so on until the ninth column can have 81-90.

    There are three stages of 90-ball bingo, however. The first stage is called "one line," and this means the first person to get all five numbers marked on one of their horizontal lines. There are three possible lines, and you can use any of them to win at this stage of the game, but all five numbers have to be on the same row for it to count. This is a bit atypical when compared to some forms of bingo, but that's one ...

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